Quality, Service and
Commitment to your project!

Our Capabilities

  • Extensive collection of well maintained footprint library compliance with IEEE, JEDEC and IPC standards
  • Complete documentation of packages
  • Availability of Signal Integrity experts Interaction with the industry proven fabricators
  • Design reviews using web-Ex conferencing
  • Quick turnaround time and Work round the clock towards meeting design deadline
  • Skilled resources and experienced designers
  • Cost effective solutions that meet stringent delivery demands
  • Onsite and offshore development and service capabilities, thus Assuring clients round the clock attention
  • Right designs at first time
  • Designed up to 5000 boards and speed to 4 Gbps
  • Precision analog and mixed signal integration
  • Differential pair with edge and broad side coupling
  • RF & Microwave design skills
  • Thorough knowledge in bus interfaces including DDR3.
  • Micro via, constraint driven placement, routing of critical traces.
  • Adherence to IPC/MIL Standards